Health Scheme

The National Health Scheme is open to all Pug owners, you do not have to be a member of the NPDC to join. The health scheme was developed to help educate owners, protect the breed throughout the breeding process and to help with known breed issues/health concerns. All Pugs must be KC registered, microchipped (or have permanent tattoo identification). The National Health Scheme involves a thorough assessment of the Pug. The aspects that are checked are:
– Body condition score
– Ears
– Eyes
– Heart (normal on auscultation)
– Mouth/dentition concerns
– Movement
– Patella
– Respiratory function
– Skin
– Temperament

By participating in the health scheme, you, the owner, consent to the NPDC and administrators of the scheme, using the data collected for its research. This may include sharing data with the Kennel Club, Royal Veterinary College or other veterinary research teams. If you subsequently decide you wish to opt-out of future research then please email the club health representatives:
Marion Cairns [email protected] or
Brian Turnbull [email protected]
Your privacy and consent to use your data, are important to us; your personal details will not be shared with any third party, without further consent.

The decision to breed from individual Pugs shall remain with the owner, any information and/or knowledge obtained from participating in this health scheme should be taken into consideration at all times. For breeds where respiratory function grading is recommended, you should ideally only breed from two dogs that have both been through the scheme. Using these dogs will give you the information you need to reduce the chances of the puppies you breed suffering from BOAS when they grow up. If you are looking to buy a puppy of this breed you should ensure both parents are tested under the scheme. 

The way that BOAS is inherited is not fully understood and is not always entirely predictable. Using the guidelines below can help you reduce the chances of breeding puppies affected by BOAS. However, even if used responsibly, this guidance cannot guarantee that a puppy from two unaffected parents will be free from BOAS.

All forms and documentation relating to the health scheme are copyright to the NPDC and cannot be used or copied for any purpose other than the NPDC Health Scheme.